Mastering With Ozone 7 Advanced


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Mastering audio has an almost mythical reputation in the world of music. As a producer, DJ, musician or engineer, mastering is something that you’ve without a doubt heard of. You may even know a good amount about what it actually is. Being able to Master your own music is a dream come true, but 15 years ago it was almost impossible for a bedroom or project studio producer to master their own music.

Historically mastering audio was the process of preparing music for distribution and playback to the masses. Nowadays, mastering is that and so much more. It has become the final creative step which can help push a good mix to it’s limits and become “commercially” competitive sounding. How do you do this on your own?

Enter Izotope Ozone 7.

In this comprehensive tutorial course, Echo Sound Works takes you through the world of mastering and how to use Ozone 7 Advanced to master your own music.

The course is nearly hours long and broken up into 22 videos that comprise of 6 Modules.


Mastering With Ozone 7 PT1 – Introduction

Mastering With Ozone 7 PT2 – Mixing Vs Mastering – This video covers the key differences between mixing and mastering and how to separate the processes.

Mastering With Ozone 7 PT3 – What is Ozone – This section will detail what Ozone 7 is and how it can help you master music.

Mastering With Ozone 7 PT4 – Mastering FX – This video covers the typical types of plugins used in a mastering project.

Mastering With Ozone 7 PT5 – Mastering Mindset – This video will help you get in the mindset of a mastering engineer. Mastering and mixing are two very different applications and trying to mix when you are mastering will only hurt your project in the long run.

Mastering With Ozone 7 PT6 – Prepping The Mix – This video covers how to prep the mix for mastering so you’re starting off in a good place.


Module 2 begins the in depth look at Ozone 7 advanced and how to use each component within the plugin. Module 2 covers the Equalizers included in Ozone 7.

Mastering With Ozone 7 PT7 – Interface – This video covers the basics of the Ozone 7 interface.

Mastering With Ozone 7 PT8 – Equalizer – This section takes an in depth look at the main EQ and all it’s functions in Ozone 7.

Mastering With Ozone 7 PT9 – Post EQ – Ozone comes with a post EQ for added flexibility. This video will teach you when and how to use it.

Mastering With Ozone 7 PT10 – Dynamic EQ – This is Ozone’s special EQ that is a mix of equalization and multi band compression.

Mastering With Ozone 7 PT11 – Vintage EQ – One of the best additions to Ozone 7 is the Vintage EQ module. This is a great sounding equalizer.


Module 3 continues the in depth look at Ozone 7 and it’s individual components. This section of the course details the dynamics, compressor and limiter in Ozone.

Mastering With Ozone 7 PT12 – Dynamics – This is arguably the most important module in Ozone 7. This is how you can bring your mix to life! Learn every function of this powerful processor.

Mastering With Ozone 7 PT13 – Vintage Compressor – This video looks at how to use the highly innovative vintage compressor in Ozone 7.

Mastering With Ozone 7 PT14 – Vintage Limiter – This video covers the unique features of the Vintage Limiter in Ozone 7.

Mastering With Ozone 7 PT15 – Maximizer – The maximizer in Ozone 7 is one of the most important tools for achieving a commercial viable mix. It’s a limiter, compressor and expander all in one. This video will teach you how to use it.


Mastering With Ozone PT16 – Imager – This video will teach you how to use the stereo imager in Ozone 7 to create more dynamic stereo rich mixes.

Mastering With Ozone PT17 – Exciter – The aural exciter in Ozone 7 is a great way to make certain frequency bands pop out of the mix. Learn how to use this module in this video.

Mastering With Ozone PT18 – Vintage Tape – This is a analog gear heads dream! Get authentic tape sound without the wow, flutter, hiss and artifacts.


Module 5 begins to look at general mastering tips and tricks for three of the most important modules in Ozone 7.

Mastering With Ozone PT 19 – Mastering EQ Pro Tips – This video will teach you some very helpful pro tips when using and applying mastering EQ.

Mastering With Ozone PT 20 – Dynamics Pro Tips – This section will teach you some great tips and tricks for the Dynamic module.

Mastering With Ozone PT 21 – Maximizer Pro Tips – This video covers tips and tricks for getting more juice out of the maximizer in Ozone.


PT 22 – Mastering a track – In the final section of the tutorial course, we look at how to put everything we learned throughout the course and will master a track together.

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