Native Instruments Massive Premium Presets

So it’s got to be official now, Native Instruments Massive is probably the most widely used synth for dance music producers.  This is probably due to the fact that it IS an awesome, versatile synth and therefore has happily taken it’s seat as one of the best.

However there is a down side to this.  Everyone uses it! so everything sounds the same right?  Well yes and no.  As with any synth it’s all to do with the programming and how you use it.  If you use the standard methods…cough cough (modern talking), you are probably going to sound like a very bad Dubstep producer in no time at all and your productions will not stand out from the crowd, so you have two choices.

Program and Learn Massive yourself:
Learn how to program this beast yourself and make your sound from scratch.  Once you have done this you are then able to sculpt your sound.  You can check out the various tutorials we have done on Massive to learn a thing to two about programming this synth and I highly suggest you do.

Check out premium presets:
Your second option is head for some premium sounds produced by professionals.  Don’t get me wrong you still should learn about synthesis and how to use it and also tweak the presets to your style, but nothing quite beats looking how other people have done it to learn yourself.

Luckily, we have just the thing for you.  Click here to check out THE best collection of premium sounds for Massive.  There is a huge collection there and something to suit every style.

So check them out, download them, and get your next hit on Soundcloud 😉

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