Wave Alchemy Release Digital Revolution

The resurgence of retro drum machines has become an enormous trend in recent months, with iconic sounds from such classic machines as the Linndrum, Drumtraks, and Drumulator featuring heavily in genres such as Indie-Electronic, Pop, Deep House and Bass Music!

Imagine having instant access to the world’s most sought-after retro drum machines, being able to mix and match drum modules from your favourite machines, creatively process and sequence sounds in a unique, easy-to-use environment…

Introducing Digital Revolution for Ableton Live 9 and NI Maschine – 12 iconic drum machines, 4300+ samples, custom built and feature rich drum racks (push compatible) and Maschine kits, real-time tone-shaping and much more…. Digital Revolution places the most sought-after digital drum sounds from the 1980’s at your fingertips.

We have faithfully captured the sound of 9 digital (and 3 analogue) drum machines spanning from 1980 to 1989, including all sample variations and parameters of the original drum machines; tune/pitch, decay and various other settings.

The digital nature of the sound sources led us to experiment with additional re-sampling, processing and tone shaping of the raw drum samples, resulting in a wide range of tonal variation; from subtle saturation to gritty sonic destruction and everything in between!

Adding Character…

Digital Revolution’s unique character modes allow each drum voice to be played back in one of three ways:

  • Original Mode – Plays the sample back with the identical sound character of the original drum machine
  • Hi-Fi Mode – Plays the sample back processed through a unique high end outboard mastering chain
  • Lo-Fi Mode – Resamples the sound in real-time through an iconic ‘grey’ 12-bit sampler at 3 different pitches

1. Ableton Live Pack (compatible with version 9 and above)

  • 4330 drum samples arranged and mapped across 12 custom built, feature rich drum racks (1 drum rack for each drum machine sampled)
  • 25 ‘Drum Modules’ which can be loaded separately into Drum Racks to create your own kits – mix and match drum types to build your own dream drum machine.
  • Each kit includes 7 pre-assigned macros for quick, intuitive editing of each drum sample within each kit

Tune – Pitches up/down each drum sample digitally in semi-tones

Variation – Cycles through the different sound variations recorded from the selected drum machine. We have recorded all variations and parameters of the original machines, per drum voice; pitch/tune, decay and various other settings (depending on the drum machine)

Character – Cycles between 5 distinct character modes per drum sound, Hi-Fi, Raw, and 3 Lo-Fi modes

Grit / Pitch – This macro allows you to cycles between the original pitch of the Lo-Fi samples or just hear the unique character of the 12 bit ‘grey’ sampler they were re-sampled through

Gate – Controls the gate/envelope of the selected sample

Vel-Vol amount – Controls the amount of midi velocity routed to volume.  All patches work with Simpler (full Ableton Suite not required)

2. NI Maschine Pack (compatible with version 2.0 and above)

  • 4330 drum samples
  • 60 Drum Kits in total (12 Drum Machine Kits, each with 5 character variations; HI FI, Raw, Lo Fi-, Lo Fi, Lo Fi+)
  • Carefully tagged kits for quick and easy loading from the Maschine Controller
  • Easily edit sampler voice settings including pitch/tune, filters, envelopes, LFO’s and FX per sound via the Maschine controller

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